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Neck Alignment Stretcher
Neck Alignment Stretcher
Neck Alignment Stretcher

Neck Alignment Stretcher

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Designed by a physical therapist and chiropractor, Aligned Spine Design's Neck Alignment Stretcher safely aligns tired, aching, and stiff necks. You might even hear your neck aligning when you first lie down! It is the one and only device that provides targeted pressure to the neck's most important muscles. This pressure allows the neck's vertebrae to line up in their correct positions. The feeling is glorious! Just find a flat, hard surface and place the Neck Alignment Stretcher on the ground. Place your head on the stretcher and relax. You may feel some discomfort at first as your neck adjusts to the position. You may also hear some cracking or popping as your neck relaxes. Stay on the pillow for 5-10 minutes and use whenever you need relief! Can be used daily. 

  • Relieves neck pain in minutes

  • Aligns neck

  • Can be used daily to prevent neck pain

  • Soft and supportive

  • Easy to use


Q: Why didn't I hear my neck pop?

A: Due to everyone's unique and individual anatomy, some people's necks do not pop when on the device. Rest assured that your neck is still being aligned, it is just doing so in a quieter way. 

Q: How long can I lay on this?

A: It is safe to lay on the stretcher for 10 minutes in one sitting. You can use it daily if needed. 

Q: How do I clean it?

A: The stretcher can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a sanitizing wipe.

Q: Can I use it more than once a day?

A: Yes! You can use it up to twice per day.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes! Designed by experts, the Neck Alignment Stretcher is completely safe to use. It Relieves tension instantly. 


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